Valentine Projects

Two Valentine projects are provided. You can make a cone shaped ornament to give to someone as a Valentine’s Day gift. Or, make a Valentine’s Day card to give to someone special.

This project is rated: EASY

Materials needed:
  • Computer paper or card stock
  • Craft knife or scissors
  • Glue
  • Crayons, colored pencils, or paint

Project Instructions

Valentine Ornament

  1. Print either the plain pattern at right on paper or the pre-colored pattern if you have a color printer.
  2. Color the plain pattern to suit yourself.
  3. In either case, cut out the cone along the outer black edges.
  4. Roll the cone into an approximate cone shape. It is easier to glue if some shaping is done first.
  5. Apply glue to the glue tab. The right edge of the ornament has a dashed line parallel to the right edge. The area between the dashed line and the right edge of the ornament is called the glue tab.
  6. Complete the cone by bringing the glue tab under the left edge and press the two edges together with the left edge along the dashed line. You may need to hold the edges together until the glue dries.

You can use the ornament for a Valentine’s Day decoration for yourself, or you may want to give it to someone as a gift.

Valentine cone ornament
Valentine ornament
Valentine ornament

Would you like to send a Valentine card to a loved one? Would you like it to be one you have made yourself? Here is your opportunity to do that. You have several choices.

Project Instructions

Valentine’s Day Card

  1. Print either the plain card at right on paper or the pre-colored card if you have a color printer.
  2. Color the plain card to suit yourself.
  3. After printing the card (and coloring it), it is time to fold it. You will notice some fiducial marks, a cross in the center of the page, and some dashes near some edges.
    • Hold the page so the picture of cupid is upside down to your upper left.
    • Fold the top of the page away from you making a crease along the horizontal center fiducial marks.
    • Turn the page around so that cupid is upright by your right hand.
    • Fold the left side of the paper (away from you) to the right side, making a crease along the vertical fiducial marks.
    • Make sure the the folds are tightly creased.
  4. Due to the fact that the image may not be centered on the page, after folding, the edges may not meet. That is OK because you need to trim the card to size. It is best to do the trimming with a paper cutter or a craft knife. If you do not have either of these, you can do the trimming with scissors but you should practice on a folded sheet of blank paper.
  5. First, trim away the right edge of the card so that the card is 3.5 inches wide.

  6. Next, trim away the bottom edge of the card so the card is 5.0 inches tall.

You now have a completed card. It will fit into a standard envelope. Write a message (if you want) on the inside, sign it, put it in an envelope and mail it to your loved one.

Valentine card
Valentine card

Some users may find the printed images are too large or too small. The images were designed to be printed at 96 dots per inch (dpi).  You may be able to select the printing dpi in your print command options, or specify “Scaling” to increase or decrease the size of your final print.

Alternatively, save the image you wish to use to your computer or mobile device.  Once saved, you can use a graphics program or app to resize it, add other elements to it, etc. and then print.

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