The Lawn Mower Ride

Rockford (Rocky) Granite and Rocksanne (Rocksy) Marble are next door neighbors that live in caves with their parents.


One day, Rocky asked Rocksy, “How would you like to take a ride with me on my Dad’s lawn mower?”
Rocksy said, “I didn’t know your dad had a lawn mower.”
“Sure he does,” said Rocky, “and I bet you have seen it around. It’s hard to miss. I think I hear it now.”
“Oh, that’s just Bronty, a brontosaurus that hangs around here!”
“Well, Dad calls him his lawn mower. Just look at him eating grass. Come on, let’s see if he will take us for a ride.”
“I’m afraid. He’s so big. Won’t he eat us?” said Rocksy.
“No. He’s a vegetarian. That means he only eats plants,” answered Rocky. “Also, he’s very gentle.”
“Where do we ride? And how do we get on him?” asked Rocksy.
“See how his tail drags on the ground and it is not a very steep slope up to his back. We can crawl right up his tail and sit in the middle of his back.” answered Rocky.

Dino riding

And they did.
“Now what?” asked Rocksy.
“Giddyup,” commanded Rocky. And Bronty started to move.
“I’ve taught him some simple commands,” explained Rocky.
“Oh, this is fun, ” squealed Rocksy. “But where is he taking us? We are headed right for the lake!”
“Don’t worry,” Rocky said. “Bronty likes to go for a swim and it’s just like being on a boat.”

Dino floating

When Bronty reached the other side of the lake, he climbed up on the shore and Rocky told him to take them home around the lake. They arrived at home and Rocksy got down and said, “Thanks for the ride.”
“Wait a minute,” exclaimed Rocky, “I want to show you another thing that I’ve taught him.”
“Put your head down, Bronty,” Rocky told Bronty.
Bronty lowered his head until his chin rested on the ground.
“Here, take my hand,” Rocksy took hold of Rocky’s hand and Rocky guided her and himself up onto Bronty’s head.
“Up Bronty!” he called, and Bronty carefully raised his head as high as he could.
“Help!” Rocksy cried “he’s going to dump us down his neck!”
“That’s the idea,” shouted Rocky, “we can slide all the waydown his neck, across his back and down to the ground on his tail.”

Dino Slide

“That was fun!” Rocksy exclaimed, “let’s do it again.”
They did; again, and again, and again, until it was time for supper. They were so happy, but so tired that as soon as they finished eating they each went to their own beds in their own caves. As Rocksy was dropping off to sleep she wished, “I hope Bronty has some more tricks he can show us tomorrow.”

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