Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornament

In this project, you will make a decorative flamingo. This project uses wood working tools, making it more difficult than most of the other projects.

This project is rated: DIFFICULT

Materials needed:
  • Computer paper
  • Wood
  • Paint
  • Sand paper
  • Metal rod
  • Scissors
  • Jigsaw
  • Drill

Project Instructions

  1. Print the pattern at right and cut it out around the outside outline.

  2. Lay the pattern on the plywood and trace the outline onto the wood.
    Note: It is recommended that you use 3/4″ thick exterior grade plywood for your bird. You can use other material for your bird, but you should pick material that will be sufficiently strong and be capable of withstanding weather out of doors.

  3. Using a suitable cutting tool, such as a jigsaw for wood, cut out the bird.

  4. Two pieces of metal rod (1/4″ diameter) are needed for the legs. They should each be about one foot in length for the size bird that is illustrated. Leave one leg straight and bend the other one as shown in the illustration.

  5. Drill 2 holes in the bottom edge of the bird. Make one of them vertical and the other at an angle as shown. Drill each hole about 2″ deep.

  6. Insert the legs into the holes. If they do not fit tightly, use some water-proof glue to secure them.

  7. Sand the edges of the wood.

  8. Paint the flamingo as suggested in the picture. Start by first applying an all-weather primer to the wood and then use the decorative colors.

Flamingo pattern
Optional methods
  • This pattern was sized to fit on an 8.5″x11″ sheet of computer paper. If you want to make a larger (or smaller) flamingo, save the pattern to a file. Then, use a graphics program to re-size it. If you make it larger, your graphics program will print it on 2 or more sheets of paper. You can then tape the pieces together to make a larger pattern.

When the paint is dry, you can put your new lawn ornament in your yard.

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