Paper or Metal Dog

In this project, you will make a stand-up dog. You can make it out of paper, card stock, or thin sheet metal.

This project is rated: EASY

Materials needed:
  • Computer paper, card stock or thin sheet metal
  • Crayons or colored pencils or paint

Project Instructions

  1. Print either the plain pattern at right on paper or card stock or the colored pattern if you have a color printer.
  2. Color the dog to suit yourself.
  3. Cut out your dog.
  4. Fold the dog along its back.

You now have a stand-up dog!

Optional methods
  • You can use the printed image to copy the dog onto thin sheet metal.
  • You can download the pattern and use an image editor application to enlarge or color the pattern.
colored pencils
Stand-up Dog pattern
Stand-up Dog
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