Paper Dolls

This project is rated: EASY

Materials needed:
  • Computer paper or card stock
  • Scissors
  • Crayons, colored pencils, or markers

Project Instructions

  1. Print the dolls below, preferably on card stock. 
  2. Color them to suit yourself.

Now your doll needs some clothes. There are several pieces available. Look at each of the offerings below and print the ones you want on paper. Color however you want, then cut out each piece and try them on your doll. The sweater, sweat suit, and T-shirt will fit either doll. The clothes print larger than they appear below.

Paper doll image
Paper doll boy
Paper doll girl
Paper doll party dress
Paper doll skirt
Paper doll suit
Paper doll shirt
Paper doll dress
Paper doll sweater
Paper doll pants
Paper doll t-shirrt
Paper doll sweat pant
Paper doll hats and shoes


Remember, when you color the clothes, you can add stripes, flowers, ribbons, polka dots, etc. The pants could be cut off for shorts and the sleeves of the tops could be made another length, too. Some users have commented on the length of the tabs (too short) or not enough tabs. When you cut out the clothing, you can make the tabs longer than shown and if you want more tabs, you can add them yourself.


Now, let’s get creative! There are many ways to express your creativity. You may already have discovered some. For example, you probably have already discovered that you can print a given item of clothing several times and have used a different set of colors for each. You can make a red dress, a blue dress, a pink dress, or even a yellow dress with purple polka dots. Bob’s Crafts could have provided colors on the clothing (as on the party dress above), but you would need a color printer to print the clothes in color; but, the most important thing is, that if colors are provided, it would stifle your own creativity

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