Circle Bird

In this project, we will construct a bird picture using parts of a circle. Your finished picture will look something like the image below.

This project was inspired by the books written by Ed Emberley. He is an artist who has written several books that teach you to draw, or construct figures using very simple techniques. I recommend Ed’s books! They are available at bookstores, including those that are on the Internet.

This project is rated: EASY

Materials needed:
  • Computer paper or card stock
  • Crayons, colored pencils, or paint
  • Scissors

Project Instructions

  1. Print a copy of the project pattern at right. Print the colored pattern if you have a color printer. If you prefer to color your own bird, use the black and white pattern.
  2. If you printed the black and white pattern, color the segments to suit yourself.
  3. Cut out each of the circle parts. The half circle will become the bird’s body; the quarter circle will become the bird’s head; the one-eighth circle part will become the bird’s tail ; One of the one-sixteenth circle parts will become the bird’s beak (the other one-sixteenth part is not used).

After cutting out the bird parts  you will have pieces like below.

Circle Bird image
Circle Bird
Circle Bird pattern
Circle Bird pattern

The head needs to be reverted; the beak and tail rotated into the correct orientation, and pasted to a sheet of paper as shown below:

Circle Bird image

After pasting the parts to the paper, you can use a marking pen to add an eye, nostril, beak opening, tail feathers, a wing, and legs and feet.

Circle Bird animation

You are not limited to the circles used in this project. You can draw circles any size that you want; divide them as shown and assemble a bird. You may want to make several birds of different sizes and glue them onto the same sheet of paper.

Furthermore, using parts of circles, you can make flowers, other birds, animals, insects, people, and designs. Just purchase Ed Emberly’s book, “Picture Pie” and/or “Picture Pie 2“, and he will show you how.

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