Christmas Star

For this project you will make a 3-dimensional Christmas star from paper, similar to the one shown at right.

This project is rated: EASY

Materials needed:
  • Computer paper or card stock (Colored or patterned paper works well for this project.)
  • Scissors
  • Crayons, colored pencils, or paint

Project Instructions

  1. Print any of the plain patterns at right and below on paper or cardstock, OR print any of the pre-colored patterns if you have a color printer.
  2. Color or paint the plain patterns to suit yourself. You may want to color both sides of the star, especially if it will top a tree.
  3. In either case, cut out the star along the outer black edges.
  4. To make the star 3-dimensional, it must be folded so that it has “mountains” and “valleys.” To make a “mountain”: make a fold along the line from the center to each point. Fold so that the line is visible. Make 5 “mountains.”
  5. After making all the “mountains,” make the “valleys” by pressing adjacent “mountains” together and creasing the fold in between them. After making the folds, you will have a 3-dimensional star.
  6. If you plan on painting the star, you may prefer to make the folds and then paint the star after it is made 3-dimensional. The gold star in the project image above was made using a metallic-type spray paint after making the folds.
Star pattern
Star pattern
Star pattern
Star pattern

Alternate Project Ideas

When the star is done, you may use it any way that you want. For example, you can just set the star(s) on a shelf, under the tree, on a mantle, etc. If you would like to hang one, or more, on your Christmas tree, pierce the top point of the star with a needle and pull a loop of thread through the hole that you have made. Tie the ends of the thread together and you can use the thread to hang the ornament from a limb. Sometimes it is difficult to put the loop of thread around a branch. If that is the case, use a small loop and then hang the ornament using a regular ornament hook.

Consider using wrapping paper to make your star. First, print out one of the plain stars. Then, use it as a pattern on the back of some wrapping paper. Follow the instructions above for folding the star. See an example of a wrapping paper star at right.

More Project Ideas

You can make a larger ornament by placing three stars of different sizes on a string. You will need to save the plain star pattern to your computer and then use a software program to re-size the pattern to suit your design.

Make a tabletop Christmas ‘tree’ using three differently sized stars. The stars can be arranged on a dowel rod, or other stick, to simulate a tree. Make a tiny star to go on top, and more small one’s for ornaments.

These stars can also be used for decorating on other holidays, such as The Fourth of July, or New Years.

stacked stars
Tree from paper stars