This project is rated as EASY

Materials needed: Computer paper (or card stock or pre-printed paper), optionally: crayons, colored pencils, paint, colored paper

For this project, you have many options.

If you do NOT have a color printer, (or choose not to use the pre-colored designs,) there are two choices:

1. Print a star with only fold lines
2. Print a star with fold lines and concentric circles

After you have printed one of the star patterns, color the star in a manner that pleases you.

To make the star 3-dimensional, it must be folded so that it has "mountains" and "valleys."
To make a "mountain": make a fold along the line from the center to each point. Fold so that the line is visible.
Make 5 "mountains."
After making all the "mountains," make the "valleys" by pressing adjacent "mountains" together and creasing the fold in between them.

After making the folds, you will have a 3-dimensional star.

If you plan on painting the star, you may prefer to make the folds and then paint the star after it is made 3-dimensional. The gold star shown above was spray painted after making the folds. (Note: You may want to color both sides of your star.)

Another option is to use pre-printed paper, such as Christmas wrapping paper.
Print a star with only fold lines
Cut out the star.
Use the star as a pattern to copy a star onto the back side of some pre-printed paper.
Cut out the star on the pre-printed paper.
Fold as before with the printed side up.
Here is an example:

If you have a color printer and wish to use one (or more) of the pre-colored selections, then you can select and print one of the following:<>

You can use your star(s) in several ways:

You can stand it up on a mantle or shelf;
using a needle and thread, punch a hole near the end of one point, a length of thread can be pulled though the hole and then knotted to make a hanger so it may be suspended on a Christmas tree limb;
or push a pin through the end of a point and then pin it to a bulletin board or other wall surface.

There are other ways that you can use your star(s).
For example:
You can make a larger ornament by placing three stars of different sizes on a string.
Or you can make a tree using three different sizes of stars.