This project is rated as EASY for an adult. Children may need some adult help.

Materials needed: Wire (or dowel rod or sticks), thread or string.

In this project you will make a mobile out of the decorative objects made in one (or more) of my other projects. Read through this project first and then select one of the projects:

If you chose to use the yard ornaments, it may be best to make the ornaments using paper, card stock, or sheet metal.

Once you have selected and made the objects that you will use, it is time to start making the hanging mechanism. You can suspend your objects from wire:

or a dowel rod (1/8 or 3/16 inch recommended):

or a stick or twig:

If you select wire, the most commonly used type is coat hanger wire. It is good, but may be difficult to work with. You can make your wire (rod or twig) any length you find suitable. For the first piece, I recommend a length of about 8 inches.

Take two of your objects and suspend them with thread (or string) from each end of your wire (rod or twig.)

Next add a thread to support this entire assembly. Since your objects will probably not be the same weight, you must position the supporting thread by trial and error until you find the correct balance point. (To keep the thread from sliding, it may be necessary to fasten it with a dot of glue.)

Set aside the part that you have made and cut a longer piece of wire (rod or twig) for the next step. Select a third object and suspend it from one end of the long wire. Suspend the other part that you have made from the other end of the wire.

Add a thread to the long wire to hold the entire completed mobile. Again, you must position this thread by trial and error to find the correct balance point.

You have now completed a mobile. You can hang it from a light fixture or a hook in the ceiling.

You can make even more complex mobiles by repeating or varying the steps given. You can add another longer wire and objects repeatedly. Or, you can make additional two object assemblies and incorporate them into larger mobiles. Or, you can make two or more mobiles as illustrated and use them to maker a single larger mobile. The options are only limited by your imagination.

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