Dodecahedron year 2002 calendar


This project is rated as: MODERATE

Materials needed: Computer paper (or card stock), scissors, glue

The calendar is to be made from 12 separate pieces (one for each month) and then assembled with the tabs external to the calendar. The resulting calendar will look like the one in the illustration below:

Display and print the first six calendar faces on paper or card stock.
Display and print the second six calendar faces on paper or card stock.
Cut out each circle
Fold the 5 tabs on each face upwards
Glue each face to another face. The order in which you do this does not matter. However, it is suggested that you glue 6 faces together to form half of the calendar and another 6 faces to form the other half of the calendar. You will have two halves as illustrated below.

Let the glue dry thoroughly, and then glue the two halves together to form the calendar as shown above.

Note that the calendar does not exhibit the year, 2002. This is deliberate. You can save this calendar ("b" calendar) and use it again for the years: 2013, 2019, 2030, 2041, and beyond (if the calendar survives that long.)
(Note: The 2001 calendar is the "a" calendar, but it was not labeled.)

You can print the calendar months on different colors of paper. If you use 6 (or 12) different colors, you can mix the colors so that you can make calendars with different colors for each month. The resulting calendars can be used as Christmas gifts.

The dodecahedron calendars can be used for future years. In order to have a perpetual calendar, ordinarily 14 calendars are needed. Seven of these are for leap years and seven are for non-leap years. The number of calendars needed can be reduced to seven by using two different calendars for leap years.

The following table gives the calendar needed for each. For leap years, the first calendar listed is to be used for January and February; the second calendar listed is to be used for March 1 through the end of the year.

2001 a     2017 g      2033 f     2049 e     2065 d   
2002 b     2018 a      2034 g     2050 f     2066 e   
2003 c     2019 b      2035 a     2051 g     2067 f   
2004 d, e  2020 c, d   2036 b, c  2052 a, b  2068 g, a
2005 f     2021 e      2037 d     2053 c     2069 b   
2006 g     2022 f      2038 e     2054 d     2070 c   
2007 a     2023 g      2039 f     2055 e     2071 d   
2008 b, c  2024 a, b   2040 g, a  2056 f, g  2072 e, f
2009 d     2025 c      2041 b     2057 a     2073 g
2010 e     2026 d      2042 c     2058 b     2074 a   
2011 f     2027 e      2043 d     2059 c     2075 b   
2012 g, a  2028 f, g   2044 e, f  2060 d, e  2076 c, d
2013 b     2029 a      2045 g     2061 f     2077 e   
2014 c     2030 b      2046 a     2062 g     2078 f   
2015 d     2031 c      2047 b     2063 a     2079 g   
2016 e, f  2032 d, e   2048 c, d  2064 b, c  2080 a, b