2002 Dodecahedron Calendar

Let’s make a dodecahedron calendar for the year 2002. There are five regular solids. One of them is the dodecahedron. It is a solid with twelve faces, each of which is a regular pentagon. Because it has exactly twelve faces, it is ideally suited to use as a calendar. One month is placed on each face.

This project is rated: MODERATE

Materials needed:
  • Card stock
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape

Project Instructions

  1. Print the both sets of six calendar face patterns below. You may choose any color card stock that you desire. You can use regular computer paper, but the result will not be as sturdy as card stock.
  2. Cut out each calendar face.
  3. Fold the 5 tabs on each face upwards.
  4. Glue each face tab to another face tab. The order in which you do this does not matter. However, it is suggested that you glue 6 faces together to form half of the calendar and another 6 faces to form the other half of the calendar. You will have two halves as illustrated at right.

2002 Calendar
2001 Calendar halves

Let the glue dry thoroughly, and then glue the two halves together to form the calendar as shown in the project image.

Note that the calendar does not exhibit the year, 2002. This is deliberate. You can save this calendar and use it again for the years: 2013, 2019, 2030, 2041, and beyond, if the calendar survives that long.

20021st Half Calendar
2002 2nd Half Calendar
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