Christmas Kaleidoscope


Let's make a Christmas decoration that looks like a kaleidoscope image. You can hang it on a wall, or use it any place that you wish to decorate for Christmas.

This project is rated as EASY.

Materials needed: Computer paper, crayons, scissors, glue

1. Print three copies of each of image a and image b.

2. Color the Santas, elf, stars, and balls to suit yourself.

3. Cut out each of the six sectors you have completed.

4. Glue, in pairs, an image a to an image b.

5. Glue the three pieces to each other to for a circular kaleidoscope picture.

If you have a color printer and do not want to do your own coloring, print three copies of color a and color b. Then do steps 2 through 5 above.

This project is new for 1998. If you go to the holidays page, you will find Christmas ornaments and nativity scenes that were featured in prior years.