This project is rated as DIFFICULT to EASY.

Supplies needed - computer paper (or card stock), scissors, scroll saw (or hand coping saw), wood (or sheet metal), paint, coat hanger wire (or other heavy wire)

You can make any of the ornaments shone below (or you might modify these or design your own.)

------ Chicky ----- or ---- Flower ---- or ---- Bunnie --------

Frog --------------- or --------------- Cardinal

All of the above are made in a similar manner. Read the rest of the instructions before selecting one of them.

This project is rated as DIFFICULT to EASY because I will describe the most difficult option first. Then I will suggest some simpler options but they will require the same steps.

  1. Select one of the pictured ornaments.
  2. When the full-sized ornament is displayed, print it. (The printout will be a pattern to be used later. If possible, use card stock. It may be necessary to print the cardinal in landscape mode.)
  3. Cut out the pattern.
  4. Trace around the pattern onto a piece of wood. I recommend using a board that is 3/8 or 1/2 inch thick. (Do not use plywood. It may not stand up to the weather.)
  5. Cut out the figure using a scroll saw. (If you don't have one, use a hand coping saw.)
  6. Drill a hole in the bottom of the figure about 1 inch deep and the same diameter as your wire. (Note: On the flower, drill a hole completely through the bottom piece so that both pieces can be mounted on the same piece of wire.)
  7. Cut a piece of wire 8" to 10" in length.
  8. Insert the wire in the hole. (If it is not tight, add a little glue.)
  9. Paint the figure in a color of your choice.
  10. Glue an eye on each side. (Eyes can be purchased at a craft store, or you may paint an eye.)

You can now put the ornament in your garden by pushing the wire into the ground.

Other options:

It may be easier for you to make the ornaments out of sheet metal. (Sheet metal can be found at hardware and craft stores.) Make the project as before but instead of a wire in the bottom, make a stand out of a length of stiff wire, drill a small hole in the top of the ornament and using wire or string, suspend the ornament from your stand.

Or, you might suspend them from an eave on your house or fasten them to a garden shed, etc.

Another option is to use the ornaments indoors. Make them out of cardboard (if you print on card stock, you can use the pattern itself.) Then put a hole in the top and hang the figure in the house. Or, you can make a mobile from several ornaments. You can pin them on the wall or use them to decorate furniture.

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