This project is rated as: MODERATE

Materials needed: Computer paper (or card stock, colored or white), coloring pens, (or colored pencils, crayons, paint), Scissors (or craft knife), glue (or paste), optionally: foam board, wood, hard board, pre-made wreath bases

In this project, you will make a Christmas wreath. Several options are given. You can use the wreaths that you make in several ways (hang them in a window, from the ceiling, on the wall, etc.)

First, you need a base for your wreath. There are several choices.
1. A pattern is provided. Print this half-circle twice. (In order to print an adequate size wreath pattern on computer paper, it must be made from two pieces. You may wish to print these pattern pieces on colored paper or card stock.) Cut out the two pattern pieces then glue the two pieces together. Glue one piece to the other piece with the edge of one just covering the dashed line of the other. (If you turn one piece upside down, then the dashed line will be hidden.)
2. Instead of using the circle as the wreath, you can use it as a pattern to make a wreath from some thick material such as foam board. If you use some other material for your wreath, you may want to paint it in a color of your own choosing.
3. You can make a wreath base on foam board (or other material) in any size you want. Just draw two circles on the material and cut out your wreath base.
4. Craft stores carry various types and sizes of wreath bases. You may want to purchase a base instead of making your own.

The next step is making objects that you will use to decorate your wreath. The opening picture is a suggestion of how your finished wreath might look. Patterns are provided. The angel and santa are provided in two views. The purpose of this is that you may want to decorate both sides of your wreath. Therefore, you need mirror images of these two objects so they can be pasted back-to-back on opposite sides of the wreath base.

Print the angel and santa. Then color them, cut them out and glue them to the wreath base.

Four ornaments are provided. Print these, color, cut out and glue.

Four holly berry clusters are also provided. Print these, cut out, and glue.

If you have a color printer and prefer to use already colored objects, you can print, cut out and glue the following:
Angels and Santas
Holly berries

You do not need to make your wreath exactly as shown. You can print extra copies of some of the objects and then use them to make, for example, a wreath with only holly berries, or a wreath with only Christmas tree ornaments, or one with several angels or santas.

Make one or more wreaths to decorate your own home. You may also want to make wreaths to give to relatives or friends.

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