Let's make a Valentine card to give to a friend.

Materials needed: Computer paper, scissors, glue, crayons or colored pencils

This project is rated as: EASY

In this project, you will make a Valentine card and, optionally, an envelope for the Valentine.

Print this picture if you have a color printer.
Print this picture if you do not have a color printer.
If you do not have a color printer and have chosen to print the second picture (black and white); color the image with crayons or colored pencils using colors that you select.

Cut around the hearts (do not separate them).
Fold the hearts together.
If you wish, you may write a message inside the Valentine.

This completes your Valentine. You may give it, as is, or you may wish to put it into an envelope. If you do not have a suitable envelope, the following instruction tell you how to make an envelope.

Print this pattern for an envelope.
Cut around the outside edges of the pattern.
Fold flap A toward the center
it is easiest to make the fold if you place a thin ruler along the fold line and fold over the ruler.
Fold flap B toward the center.
Fold flap C over the other two flaps.
Put a narrow band (about 1/8 inch) of glue on the inside edges of flap C and fasten it to the other two flaps.
When the glue is dry, you can insert the Valentine into the envelope
Fold down the top flap
You may either glue the flap down or tuck it inside the envelope.

You may put a name on the envelope, before giving it to that person.
(Note: This size envelope is not suitable for mailing. If you wish to use the U. S. Postal Service, the minimum size envelope is 3.5 Inches high by 5.5 inches long.)