A sun catcher is a device that you hang in a window so that the sun illuminates it. You can buy sun catchers that are made with pieces of colored glass. I have even purchased kits containing forms and plastic beads. You melt the plastic beads into the forms which then become sun catchers with colored plastic windows.

In these projects, you will make the forms for the sun catchers out of paper or card stock. In the spaces provided, you then use colored tissue paper or colored plastic.

The materials that you need are:

a place to work. Cover the work surface to protect it from ink, glue, etc.
computer paper or card stock (colored or white)
scissors or a craft knife
needle and thread
colored tissue paper or plastic
glue or paste

Below are listed several projects. The instructions for each are essentially the same.

1. Select a project.
2. Print it from your browser.
3. Cut out each piece of the sun catcher and cut out the interior parts also.
4. Cut pieces of colored tissue or plastic for each window in the sun catcher. Choose colors of your liking. Cut each piece so that it is larger than the opening that it is to go into, but smaller than the frame around the opening.
5. Apply glue to one piece of the sun catcher and position the colored tissue in the opening.
6. Apply glue to the other piece of the sun catcher and then put the two pieces together, sandwiching the tissue in between the two pieces. Each piece of the sun catcher is a mirror image of the other piece. Be sure to apply the glue so that the pieces fit together properly.
7. Most of the sun catchers have a small dot on one of the pieces. This is the balance point for attaching a thread. (Not needed on symmetrical ones.) Thread a needle with a short piece of thread; then push the needle through the sun catcher at the small dot; remove the needle from the thread; and tie the ends of the thread together this provides a loop for hanging your sun catcher.

Small bird
Hot air balloon
Race car

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