Streamer Project


This project is rated as easy.

Materials needed:

1. Tear-off strips from pin-feed computer paper. (You thought they didn't have any uses!)

2. Scotch tape

When you tear off the edges from your sheets of computer paper, sometimes the strips are only one page long (11 inches) and other times, you have strips that are several pages in length. Collect your longest strips for this project. We need strips that are about 12 pages in length (11 feet.) (Don't waste some computer paper to get these long strips!) You can make long strips by taping together strips that you would ordinarily discard. To make a long strip, carefully tape together as many strips as necessary to get approximately the length suggested. (You can experiment with various lengths.) When taping, be careful that the tape does not project beyond the edges of the strip. You must avoid getting the sticky part of the tape where it might stick to something else.

Now, roll the strip into a circle with a center hole of about 1 inch (2.5cm).

When you have the entire strip rolled, tape the loose end down.

You are now ready to throw the streamer.

Pull out a short piece of the streamer from the center of the roll.

Grip the roll between your thumb and your second finger.

Hold the loose end of the strip against your thumb with your index finger.

Now, throw the roll by releasing your second finger, but hold the loose end firmly between your thumb and index finger.

You can roll up the strip again and practice various ways of holding and throwing it that work better for you.

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