This project is rated as: EASY

Materials needed: Computer paper, card stock, scissors, coloring media (colored pencils, markers, crayons)

Several mobile projects have been presented. All of those required a rigid set of supports such as wire, dowels, or twigs. In this project, the objects will be suspended from a card stock spiral as shown in the above picture.

Start by printing a spiral on card stock. (If you do not have card stock, print the spiral on computer paper; then glue the paper spiral to a piece of cardboard such as you find in a cereal box.) Cut the spiral along the black curves.

You then need to make some objects to hang from the spiral support. In the above example, eleven objects were made to hang from the spiral. You may select any objects and in any number that you want to use. They can be anything such as pictures cut from magazines, bracelet charms, small dolls, etc. However, a set of eleven objects are provided.

Print the line drawings on computer paper. Note that the objects are given in pairs.
Cut out each of the figures.
Paste (or glue) the matching pairs, back-to-back.
Color each objects using color media of your own choice.

If you have a color printer, you may print in color the objects.

Using thread, suspend each object from the spiral.
(Note: Use a needle to pass the thread through the card stock. Knot the thread on the upper side of the spiral, and for additional hold, tape the thread to the upper side of the spiral.)