This project is rated as: EASY

Materials needed: Computer paper and crayons or colored pencils or paint

Several children's "Refrigerator Art" have been selected for use in this project.

Below you will find small versions of this art in color. You may select any one of these by clicking on its link. This will bring up a black outline (full size) of the corresponding art. You may then print this. After printing, you may color it similar to the original art; or you may color it and decorate it in any manner that you choose.

The purpose of this project is to provide fun. You can see what other children have done and then apply your own creativity to make a similar piece of art.

Mikey, age 5
Barby, age 9
Becky B., age 4
Becky B., age 4
Anjoli, age 6
Kiren, age 8
Quincy, age 7
Becky B., age 10
Kiren, age 8
Adam, age 8
Adam, age 8
Abigail, age 5

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