Pentomino Puzzle


Copyright 1997 Robert LaFara

This project is rated as EASY.

Materials needed: Card stock (or computer paper), scissors (or craft knife)

Pentominoes are puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece consists of 5 squares. Each pentomino has the squares arranged in a different pattern from any other piece. There are 12 pentominoes. Therefore, there are a total of 60 squares. The object of the puzzle is to arrange the pentominoes so that they fit into a rectangle that has dimensions of 10 by 6 squares.

First, display and print the pentominoes on card stock. If you don't have card stock, use computer paper. If you find that paper is not stiff enough, the pentominoes can then be copied onto cardboard, or even wood.)

Next, cut out the individual pentominoes.

Now comes the hard part. Arrange the pentominoes into an array that is 10 by 6 squares.

(If you would like to have an empty rectangle in which to place your pentominoes print.)

If you cannot find the solution, you may look and see the positions of the four corner pieces; or if necessary, peek at one possible solution.

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