This project is rated as EASY.

Materials needed: Computer paper (card stock is optional), scissors, crayons (or other coloring tools.) If you use marking pens, sometimes the ink will bleed through the paper. Always cover your work surface with something (newspaper) to protect it.

Here is a girl doll

Here is a boy doll

Print the doll, preferably on card stock. Then color it as desired and cut it out.

Now your doll needs some clothes. There are several pieces available. Look at each of the following ones and print the ones you want on paper. Color however you want, then cut out each piece and try them on your doll. The sweater, sweat suit, and T-shirt will fit either doll.




Slacks (Note:You can cut the legs shorter to make shorts or slacks of shorter lengths.

Party dress

Sweat shirt

Sweat pants

Boy's suit


Hats, shoes, and boots

Remember, when you color the clothes, you can add stripes, flowers, ribbons, polka dots, etc. Some users have commented on the length of the tabs (too short) or not enough tabs. When you cut out the clothing, you can make the tabs longer than shown and if you want more tabs, you can add them yourself.


Now, let's get creative! There are many ways to express your creativity. You may already have discovered some. For example, you probably have already discovered that you can print a given item of clothing several times and have used a different set of colors for each. You can make a red dress, a blue dress, a pink dress, or even a yellow dress with purple polka dots. Bob's Stuff could have provided colors on the clothing (as on the party dress above), but you would need a color printer to print the clothes in color; but, the most important thing is, that if colors are provided, it would stifle your own creativity.

Now, Bob's Stuff is offering you an opportunity to express your creativity on the World Wide Web. If you have the ability, you may design new clothing items for these dolls and submit them for possible inclusion in this project.

Here is how to do it. You must first capture the image of one of the dolls. You do this by displaying the doll, then you place your mouse cursor on the doll and click the right mouse button. Your browser then should open a window in which one of the options is to save the image to disk. Once you have the image (doll.gif or boy.gif) on your own machine, you can disconnect from the Internet. You then can open a graphics program (if you have one) and display the doll. It is important that the clothes fit the doll! The easiest way to do this is to start with the doll and then draw the clothing item on the doll. When you have completed the clothing item, then erase the doll from the picture. When you have only the clothing item (don't forget to put tabs on the item to hold it to the doll) do a SAVE AS, in order to give the item a different name. Then print it out, color it and try it on the doll. When you are satisfied with the item, you can submit it to:

Prepare an e-mail message describing the item (girl's clothes or boy's clothes or unisex, and any other pertinent information), and include your item as a GIF image as an attachment. Use different names for the items than the ones already in use. I suggest that you include your initials and a number. For example, if your initials are, ab, use: abdress1.gif. When your item is received, it will be reviewed by our Fashion Review Board. If it is deemed to be enough different from other items, it will be included in the project.

Even if you don't have a graphics program (or know how to use one), you can still design your own doll clothes. Print out a doll. Then lay a sheet of blank paper over it. You will probably be able to see the doll, faintly, through the paper. With the doll and paper firmly held together, you can draw a clothing item. When complete, you can color it, cut it out and put it on the doll. You won't be able send it here, but you will find it is a lot of fun. After making a clothing item, you might take it to copy machine and make several copies so that you can make up the same item in different colors.

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