In this project you will make ornaments such as the ones shown in this picture.

This project is rated as easy.

Materials needed:

Printer paper, scissors, glue (or paste), crayons (or paint)

Each of the paper ornaments will be a cone shape containing any one of seven pictures listed below.

Select one of the following and print it.

Santa face
Two Santas
One of Santa's elves
A snowman with legs
A snowman
Christmas tree

After printing an ornament, cut it out around the star and the outside edges.

Color the ornament with crayons or paint using any colors that suit you.

If you use paint, wait for it to dry.

Roll the ornament into a cone shape.

Apply glue or paste to the tab at one end.

Place the other end of the ornament over the tab and press them together firmly.

Hold the pieces together until the glue has set. (Alternatively, you may fasten the sides of the ornament together using transparent tape.)

When the ornament is done, you may use it any way that you want. For example, you can just set the ornament(s) on a shelf, under the tree, on a mantle, etc. If you would like to hang them on your Christmas tree, pierce the top point of the star with a needle and pull a loop of thread through the hole that you have made. Tie the ends of the thread together and you can use the thread to hang the ornament from a limb. Sometimes it is difficult to put the loop of thread around a branch. If that is the case, use a small loop and then hang the ornament using a regular ornament hook.

If you have a color printer, you may want to use one of the pre-colored ornaments that are available. Or you may just want to look at them to give you some coloring options.

Angel (colored)
Santa face (colored)
Two Santas (colored)
One of Santa's elves (colored)
A snowman with legs (colored)
A snowman (colored)
Christmas tree (colored)

You can copy any one of the ornaments by positioning your cursor on the image and clicking the right button of your mouse. After saving the image, you can open it in a graphics programs. This will give you the additional options of adding to the picture and/or printing the ornament a different size.

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