Halloween Mask


Let's make a Clown Halloween Mask

Materials needed: Card stock, scissors, coloring supplies (marking pens, crayons, paint,etc.), paper cup

This project is rated as EASY

Display either the black and white image, or the color image

Print the image that you have selected on card stock.
Cut out around the outside edges of the mask; and cut out the mouth, nose, and eyes.
If you chose the black and white image, color the mask to suit your own desires with a coloring medium of your choice.
Cut 2 pieces of string each about 15 inches in length.
Punch holes at the locations indicated by the small circles.
Tie a piece of string to each side of the mask.
Insert and glue a paper cup into the nose hole.
(Note: Before cutting the nose hole, be sure it is sized properly for the size paper cup you have available.)
Color the paper cup any color you desire.

You can now put on the mask and fasten it in place by tying the strings together in a bow.