Halloween ornaments


This project is rated as AVERAGE.

Materials needed: Paper or card stock (optionally, sheet metal or wood), scissors or craft knife, crayons or colored markers or paint, (if you will use your ornaments to make a mobile, you will need wire, thread, and needle.)

Four figures are provided:

The following instructions can be used for each of the above.

Select one of the figures.
When the pattern appears on your monitor, print it. You can print on regular paper, but if you want to make a heavier figure, you may wish to use card stock.
The printed image has two views of the same object. They are mirror images of each other. Between the two is a dashed line. Carefully fold the paper along the dashed line.
(Hint 1: You may find it difficult to fold along the dashed line, especially if you use card stock. Before folding, using a straight edge and a craft knife, lightly cut along the center of the dashed line. Do not cut all the way through the paper or card stock. You will find that folding is much easier.)
After folding and making certain that the two images are aligned back-to-back, glue the two together.
Allow time for your glue to dry.
Color both sides of your ornament to suit yourself. (You will probably only want to color the pumpkin and witch.) Colored versions of these two are provided as suggestions for coloring; and if you have a color printer, you can print these instead of doing the coloring yourself. (A light blue or lavender ghost is OK also.)
Cut out the figure along the outside edge of the figure.
(Hint 2: After cutting out the figure, you may find some white edges. This may be due to misalignment of the two images or the edges of your paper or card stock show. Since each figure is outlined in black, you can use a black marking pen to color any white that you do not want to show.)

You now have a completed ornament that you can use in anyway that you want. If you wish to suspend them, you will need to attach a thread. Take a suitable length of thread (black is recommended.) Put it through the eye of a needle. Push the needle through the ornament near the top of the ornament. You can then tie the ends of the thread together and hang the ornament from a hook or something. You may choose to use the ornaments to make a mobile. Consult the mobile project to see how to do this. (Note: You may choose to use the 4 ornaments to make one mobile, or you may wish to use multiple copies of one or more ornaments in a mobile.)

You can use these printouts to transfer the pattern to wood or metal so that you can make more durable ornaments. If you want larger (or smaller) ornaments, the printouts can be enlarged (or reduced) with a copy machine.

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