Foldout Christmas Figures


This project is rated as EASY

Materials needed: Computer paper (or card stock), crayons, or colored penciled, or colored markers

In this project you will make a stand-up display similar to the one shown above.

Because the total width of the resulting product is too large for a single page, it is necessary to do it in two parts.

Print part 1
Print part 2

After printing the two parts, color them in a manner that suits you.
Cut out the two pieces, cutting around the figures and along the bottom. (Note: When cutting out the snowman with the top hat, do NOT cut down between the head and the arm holding the hat. Just cut from the top of the head to the hat. Otherwise, the arm and hat might not stand up properly.)
Fasten the two pieces together by butting the two together (the ends with a dashed line are the ends to be joined) and placing a piece of tape on the back side.
Fold at each of the dashed lines. Alternate the folds; fold at the first line so the figures face each other; then at the next fold, fold so the figures are back to back. Continue in this manner for each dashed line.
After making the folds, pull the ends apart so that the folds just make a gentle zigzag. The foldout can be stood up on a shelf or any flat surface for display.

If you have a color printer and would like to have your figures pre-colored, then you can select and print the two following parts:

Print colored part 1
Print colored part 2

You still need to cut out, join, and fold these parts to create your Christmas figures.

Another option for those with a color printer:

Select each black and white image.
When the image is on your screen, right click your mouse and you can save the image to a file.

Once you have captured the images, you can open a graphics program and use your flood fill tool to put in the colors that you want and then print your modified image. Actually, you can capture the color images and change some of the colors.