You can make an Easter ornament from the following directions.

This project is rated as easy.

The materials that you need are:

a place to work. Cover the work surface to protect it from ink, glue, etc.
computer paper (colored or white)
scissors or a craft knife
crayons or marking pens or paint
and glue or tape.

Read all of the directions before proceeding. The pattern for the ornament is in another file. After you have read all of the instructions, click here then print the pattern from your browser.

If you have a color printer (and don't want to do your own coloring) you can print a bunny that is already colored.

Using a medium of your choice (crayons, marking pens, paint, etc.) color the parts of the pattern as shown below (or use any colors you want.)

(If you have used paint, let it dry before proceeding.)

Cut out the pattern along the heavy black lines.

Note: The pattern has been improved since it was first introduced. Both the black & white and the color versions now contain two locking tabs on one side. On the other side there is a dashed line. There are two long dashes. Cut along these long dashes to receive the tabs from the other side. After cutting out the ornament, roll it into a cone and insert the tabs into the slits and pull down to lock them in place. The advantage of this is that the cone can be dis-assembled and saved in a flat form. If you prefer to make the cone permanent, cut off the tabs and proceed as follows.

Roll the pattern into a cone shape. (If the pattern is curved, it will be easier to position the edges for gluing.)

Apply glue to the flap on the right hand edge. Then carefully bring the edges together with the flap under the other edge. Hold the two edges together while the glue sets. (You can tape the edges together instead of using glue.)

Now, just stand the ornament on a table, shelf, or mantle.


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