Have you gotten unasked for CD-ROM's in the mail? Did you want them? Did you know what to do with them? Did you want to discard them, but couldn't bring yourself to do it?

If you have some CD-ROMS laying around that you don't know how to use; here is a possible solution. Let's use them to make a mobile.

This project is rated as MODERATE.

Materials needed: Computer printer paper, CD-ROM's, glue, thread, wire, crayons (or paint or colored pencils)

For this project, you will use 6 CD-ROM's. However, you can use more or less of them.

In this project, you will use 6 CD-ROM's to make a mobile that has 3 objects attached to it.

First, you must make the supporting wires. I recommend 20 gauge wire that you can purchase at a hardware store. You may find that 20 gauge wire is a little hard to bend; it is possible to use a lighter gauge wire if you so desire. Make two support wires that look similar to the following illustration.

Make one piece that measures about 9 inches between the loops; make the second piece so that the distance between the loops is 6 inches. You can vary these dimensions, but be sure to make them long enough so that, when completed, the CD-ROM's do not touch.

Six pictures are provided for you to glue to the shiny side of each CD-ROM. Each picture is provided in color and also in black and white. Use the color pictures if you choose to print on a color printer. If you do not have a color printer (or choose not to use one,) print out the black and white images and then color them to your own tastes. Here are the selections:

Angel in ...color or black and white.
Butterfly in color or black and white.
Cat in .......color or black and white.
Blue jay in ..color or black and white.
Owl in .......color or black and white.
Tulip in .....color or black and white.

After printing (and coloring), cut out each image. Cut around the outside of the circle and also cut away the uncolored parts that are not a part of the image.

Glue (or paste) each image to the shiny side of a CD-ROM. (You want the shiny side to show through the cut away portions of the image. When a bright light reflects from the CD-ROM, you will see rainbow colors.)

Next, glue the CD-ROM's together, back to back, in pairs. You will now have three completed objects to use in making your mobile.

Cut 5 pieces of thread (preferably black) that are each about 12 inches long. Double each piece of thread and tie the ends together.

Make a small hole at the top of the center hole of the CD-ROM's. Pass a loop of thread through each of the CD-ROM pairs. Then pass the knotted end of the loop through the end of the loop on the opposite side of each Cd-ROM pair.

Hang two of the completed objects on the opposite ends of the shorter wire. Then put one of the remaining loops of thread in the center of the shorter wire and hang it from one end of the longer wire. Hang the remaining object from the other end of the longer wire.

Finally, Place the remaining loop of thread on the longer wire and find a balance point so that the longer wire is about level. When completed, you should have a mobile similar to the one shown below: