Candle Holder


Let's make a decorative candle holder from a beverage can.

Materials needed: Beverage can, tin snips (or scissors), glue, paint, bolts, file or sandpaper

This project is rated as: DIFFICULT

This project should only be attempted by an adult or under adult supervision. The candle holder you will make is only intended for decorative purposes. It is not meant to be used for illumination. If the candle is lit, the unprotected flame could be hazardous, especially around children.

Select a suitable beverage can and rinse it out.
If you are going to use glue on any part of the outside of the can, it is best to remove any paint before proceeding.
Cut off the top of the can by cutting at the top of the cylindical part of the can.
Print the pattern shown.
Cut out the pattern.
Place the pattern on the can and mark around the edges of the pattern onto the can.
Remove the pattern and cut along the lines that you have made on the can.
(Note: You may need to cut the metal with tin snips; however, since the metal is very thin, you may be able to cut it with a pair of old scissors.)
Smooth the cut edges using a file or sandpaper.
This completes the main body of the candle holder.

Next, you need to make a handle and you will need to make the band (socket) that will actually hold the candle upright .
From the excess metal, cut a strip that is 1 inch wide and 4 inches long.
On each side of the long dimension, fold one-fourth of an inch of width toward the center of the strip.
After completing the two folds, you will have a strip that is one-half inch wide, double thickness, and with smooth edges.
Form a handle from this strip by shaping it into a curve, leaving one-half inch at each end for attaching to the back of the candle holder.
You may attach the handle with bolts (as in the upper picture) or with glue (as in the lower picture.)
Next, you must make a socket which will hold the candle.
From the excess metal, cut a strip that is at least one-half inch wide and long enough to wrap around your candle with about a one-half inch overlap. The width and length of the strip depends on the size candle that you will use.
Form the strip into a circle and glue it where it overlaps. Do not make the diameter of the socket the exact diameter of the candle. It must be a little larger than the candle so it is easy to insert the candle.
After the glue is dry, glue the socket into the bottom of the candle holder.
After the glue dries, your candle holder is complete except for painting and or decorating it.

Paint the outside of the candle holder any color you desire. You may also paint flowers or other decorations on it.