Adult Coloring


This project is rated as EASY.

In this project, several works of "art" have been selected and they are shown below in a smaller than actual size. You may select any one of these and print it in black and white. You may then color it in any manner that pleases you. You may use crayons, colored pencils, paint, or any medium or a mix of media. The colors that are shown are the colors that were used in the original art. You are permitted, even encouraged, to use colors of your own choosing.

A previous project, "Refrigerator Art", was developed from kids' art work and was intended for kids to color. In this project, the art was made by adults and it is intended for adults to do the coloring. However, if a child wants to do the coloring, that is all right too.

Selection 1
Selection 2
Selection 4
Selection 3
Selection 5
Selection 6
Selection 7
Selection 8
Selection 9
Selection 10
Note: If you choose to color selection 8, of course, your stars won't spin. However, you can make them any color that you want.

A related project is Refrigerator art

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