2001 Halloween cone ornament

Halloween cone Ornament

This project is rated as: EASY

Materials needed: Computer paper, (Optionally: crayons, colored pencils, or colored markers), scissors or craft knife

This project describes how to make a Halloween cone ornament similar to the one shown above.

First, you must print the pattern for the ornament. If you have a color printer, print color; if you do not have a color printer, print black and white.

If you have printed the black and white pattern, color it with crayons, or colored pencils, or colored markers.

Cut out the pattern along the outside black edges.
On the right hand edge, there is a dashed line; two of the dashes are longer than the others. Cut a slit along each of the long dashes. (It does not hurt if you cut the dashes too long in the upward direction, however, you should not cut further than the botton of each long dash.)
Roll the pattern into a cone.
Insert the tabs from the left side of the pattern into the slits on the right side.
Slide the tabs downward to lock them into place.

You will now have a completed Halloween ornament. You may wish to make several of these to decorate a room for Halloween.